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Letrozole (femera)

For reversing gynocomastia, there is no better drug than Letrozole. Letrozole was designed to treat breast cancer patients and is from a class of drugs called aromatose inhibitors (AI). AIs bind to the aromatose enzymes and block the enzyme’s ability to convert testosterone into estrogen. For steroid users, this is the best drug to take to stave off the effects of aromatization and prevent unwanted characteristics like gynocomastia.
Letrozole is an extremely powerful drug and only small doses are needed to achieve the wanted anti-estrogen effects. An average daily dose of between .25 and .5 mcgs should be sufficient enough for any steroid user to lower estrogen levels in the body. Letrozole has an extremely long half-life, 2 to 4 days, and it must be taken for 60 days to reach a steady level in the blood. This also means that it will take some time to clear out of the body once use has been discontinued.
There are some disadvantages to using a drug as powerful as Letrozole and it is not recommended to use this drug unless you are extremely prone to gynocomastia. Some side effects include problems with cholesterol levels, loss of sex drive and sore joints – all of which are caused by the absence of estrogen. Pregnant women, or women trying to get pregnant should never take Letrozole.
The available research on Letrozole is predictable about its effect on breast cancer. However, there has been some research into its effect on ovarian stimulation as well.

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